Lighting Upgrades at Sandman Centre Result in Big Benefits

Things are looking a little bit brighter at Sandman Centre these days. The City recently completed a lighting upgrade project, which resulted in some big benefits for users, taxpayers, and the City alike. 

The new LED lighting consumes 50% less power than the old lights when used at full demand, and savings will be even higher during lower light levels. As LED lights consume less power, they produce less heat, which means less heat dissipation. This helps with power costs for hydro and cooling costs for the building. They also have instant on/off capabilities without warm-up delays. 

The new lights also come with big improvements for attendees. Full dimming control and theatre-style control for events such as Blazers Games, opening ceremonies, and concerts allow for a more dynamic user experience. The light levels on the ice surface now exceed the lighting requirements laid out by the NHL for televised games, and new drivers that speed up the frequency of the power remove the “flicker effect” that appears on televised games. The ice surface now has an extremely uniform light at all light levels. 

These upgrades come just in time for the SportCheck World Junior Hockey Showcase, which started on July 28, 2018.

The total cost of the lighting project is estimated at $417,000, and an incentive grant from BC Hydro of $39,000 has helped offset the cost.