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Collection Rates

Residential Containers

Garbage collection fees are based on the size of your container.

To change the size of your garbage container, please contact the Civic Operations Centre at 250-828-3461 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. There is NO fee to downsize your garbage container, but there is a $50 charge to upsize.

Collection service charges apply to all residents, whether they lease or own. Lease rates do not apply to residents providing their own City compliant containers. All residents pay an annual collection fee for one garbage container and one recycling container with weekly pickup. 

For each garbage container ordered, at least one recycling cart must also be ordered. All recycling carts are 245 litres in size. No one may opt out of the recycling program. 

2023 Rates

Garbage Container Sizes and Annual Costs 

SizeVolumeAnnual Collection FeeAnnual LeaseAnnual Total
120 L1.5 bags$78.00$7.00$85.00
180 L2.3 bags$113.00$8.00$121.00
245 L3.2 bags$140.00$10.00$150.00
360 L4.7 bags$300.00$12.00$312.00

Recycling and Organics Container Sizes and Annual Cost

SizeAnnual Collection FeeAnnual LeaseAnnual Total
Recycling: 245 L$12.00$0.00$12.00
Organics**: 120 L + kitchen bin$12.00$0.00$12.00

In May 2021, City Council adopted Solid Waste and Recyclables Bylaw No 40-67, replacing the previous Bylaw 40-59. The new bylaw was introduced to further support efforts to increase waste reduction and diversion, provide a more user-friendly structure and language, and support increased demand for commercial collection services and customer service levels. 

**Organic waste collection fees will only become applicable later in 2023 once the program is implemented community-wide.

Multi-Family Containers

Commercial Containers

For landfill disposal rates, please visit here