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City Council

Council Strategic Plan 2023–2026

Bold Action for a Safe, Vibrant, and Resilient Community

The Council Strategic Plan 2023–2026 was created by the Mayor and Council of the 2022–2026 term. In the plan, Council identified their top strategic priorities—Safety and Security, Governance and Service Excellence, Livability and Sustainability, Economic Health, and Advocacy—to make Kamloops a safe, vibrant, and resilient community. 

Our mission is to be leaders and stewards by tackling important community issues to position the city for growth, vitality, and resilience to best serve our residents. We build trust in our Council, organization, and community by being respectful, collaborative, accountable, purposeful, and optimistic. 

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Our Strategic Priorities

Click on each of the priorities below to learn more about our areas of focus and key performance indicators. 

The City of Kamloops is governed by an elected Mayor and eight Councillors for a four-year term on City Council, which represents the City at large and our residents. Our Mayor and Council set priorities, establish policies, and make decisions for the community as a whole. Mayor and Council are responsible for setting the tax rate, approving the City’s budget, and determining overarching service levels. The current Mayor and Council were sworn into office on November 1, 2022, and will serve until Fall 2026.