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Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance

The City of Kamloops road crews have a variety of responsibilities, year round, to maintain City roadways. These include: 

  • Arterial Roads
  • Collectors
  • Local Roads

Crews focus on repairs and maintenance including snow and ice control, street sweeping, line painting and pothole repair. Learn more about what this work involves, below, and how residents can help in improving the results of this work.

Street Sweeping

The City of Kamloops begins sweeping in early spring each year, weather permitting. Work typically begins in the valley bottom (Brocklehurst, North Kamloops and Westsyde) and then streets crews begin work upwards to the higher elevations.

During spring sweeping, crews are on shift 24 hours per day using the City's four street sweepers. Residents should watch for signage in their area in advance of sweeping. See the map below for up-to-date information on where we've been and where we're headed next.

Street Sweeping Map

Road Classification

Arterial Road

Arterial roads are the parts of the roadway system that serve as the principal network for through traffic flow. The routes connect areas of principal traffic generation and important rural highways entering the city (e.g. Fortune Drive, Columbia Street, Summit Drive)

Collector Road

Collector roads are the parts of the roadway system that service traffic between major and local roadways (e.g. Lethbridge Ave, Springhill Drive, Ord Road).

Local Road

Local roads are roadways that are primarily used for direct access to residential, commercial, industrial, or other abutting property (e.g. typical residential roads found in most neighbourhoods).

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