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Needles and Sharps

If you find a needle and wish to dispose of it safely:

  1. Do not try to replace cap on needle.
  2. Pick up need with care using work gloves, tongs, or tweezers. Do not pick up by the point.
  3. Hold needle point away from you and place in a metal or thick plastic container with a cap.
  4. Replace cap securely on container.
  5. Dispose of the container by bringing it to an Interior Health or harm reduction service location.
  6. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

If you find a needle and do not wish to dispose of it yourself:

Please call one of the following agencies:

  • In the downtown core, call the Downtown CAP team at 250-572-3009.
  • Areas outside of downtown business district, phone or text the Overdose Prevention Team at 778-257-1292 or email

If you are pricked by a needle:

  1. Wash the pricked area with soap and water right away.
  2. Go to your physician or emergency room for medical attention.

While being pricked by a needle can be frightening, it's important to know that the risk of contracting diseases such as tetanus, HIV, or Hepatitis B or C is low.

Sharp Bin Installation

The City is looking to expand the sharp bin network through the Sharps Recovery and Peer Program. By completing the form, you are expressing interest to have a sharp bin installed on your property once the City has more bins available for install.

Apply for a Sharp Bin 

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