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Career Recruitment

Current opportunities for firefighter recruitment are not available. The following information outlines the key information and helpful documents for future opportunities.

Summary of Key Points
  1. You can only submit an online application form and résumé.
  2. You need to be successful at each stage of the selection process to advance to the next stage and be considered for hire.
  3. If you are unsuccessful at any step throughout the testing process, you will be informed via email that you cannot continue in the current recruitment process.
  4. You are responsible for ensuring that your application package is complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  5. If you intentionally misrepresent yourself or your qualifications, knowingly withhold information or are deceitful at any stage in the process, your application will be withdrawn.
  6. Unless your contact information changes during the recruitment process, no phone calls or emails please. All information you need can be found on this page and on our recruitment page.

Please find the following attachments to help you along the way:

KFR Career Recruitment

I am an auxiliary or paid on call firefighter. Do I have an advantage?

All applications are considered as per the requirements of the position. Having experience as a firefighter of any kind will enhance the applicant’s qualifications.

Can I submit my application and résumé in person, by fax, or by email?

No. Applications and résumés will only be accepted through the online process, as outlined in the job posting.

Can you recommend courses to take to better my chances of being selected?

Due to the competitive nature of the selection process, we do not counsel or provide recommendations to potential applicants on how to increase their competitiveness. All requirements are set out in the job application process.

Do I need to submit a résumé along with my online application?

Yes. In order to thoroughly assess your application, we require a résumé outlining your skills, past work experience, and education. The résumé must be in MS Word (or equivalent) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format with no graphics.

Do I need to submit copies of my certifications/proof of qualifications with the online application?

Yes. Copies of all of your documents and certifications must be uploaded in the “Resume Attachments” section of your online profile on the City of Kamloops recruitment page.

Do you accept out-of-province applications?

Yes. However, be aware that you will be required to travel to Kamloops on separate occasions to attend testing and interviews. Any costs associated with travel and/or relocation expenses are your responsibility.

How do I know if my online application was received?

You will receive an email confirming that your online application was received. Please do not reply to this email. Please check your SPAM folder in the event that your confirmation email was filtered there. Please do not call us to verify that your application was received unless you did not receive an email confirmation.

How does the online application process work?

The online application system can be found on the City's Career Opportunities webpage.
Note: The firefighter competition will be live from April 30 until May 14, 2021.

How long is the recruitment process?

The recruitment process lasts several months. We do our best to condense the testing into a short period of time for the convenience of applicants, but the rest of the process (i.e. interviews and selection decisions) will take place over a number of weeks.

How many positions are available?

The purpose of this current recruitment will be to fill any vacancies that may arise in 2021 and 2022.

How often should I expect to hear from the recruitment panel?

Only those applicants selected to enter the recruitment process will be contacted. We will endeavour to keep you informed and current with information as it is relevant to the status of your application. It is your responsibility to advise of changes in your contact information or if you will be unavailable for a period of time. All correspondence with applicants will be done through email via the City’s recruitment page.

I am currently a professional firefighter with another city. Do you have an experienced firefighter transfer program?

No. However, we encourage applications from both entry-level and experienced firefighters.

I do not have a Class 3 or Class 1 license, can I still submit an application?

You must have proof that you have an appointment to complete the Class 3 or 1 when submitting your application, and you must provide a valid Class 3 or 1 with air brake endorsement prior to reaching the interview stage of the selection process.

I have a conviction for driving under the influence, will that prevent my application from being considered?

A driving record that demonstrates safe and responsible behaviour is a requirement of the position of firefighter. While any one factor does not prevent an application from being considered it is taken under consideration when reviewing a candidate’s application. Applicants who have more than six (6) points in the last three (3) years from the date of application are considered excessive and will exclude the applicant from further consideration.

I have all the required qualifications, why wasn't I selected for the testing stages?

Unfortunately, not everyone who meets the required qualifications can be selected. The application process is highly competitive. We accept applications from people with a wide variety of skills, experiences, and attributes. Applicants are measured on their ability to meet or exceed our standards and we strive to select the very best candidates.

I live in another province and have a driver’s license, can I still apply?

Yes, but it is your responsibility to provide proof of your licence equivalency.

I passed each stage of the testing process, but did not get an interview, why?

Passing each stage of the testing process does not automatically merit an interview. Due to the high number of applications received, the testing process is used as a screening tool. The recruitment panel reviews each application, and only those with the strongest overall scores are selected for interviews. The number of candidates selected for interviews will also depend on Kamloops Fire Rescue’s expected hiring needs.

If I am unable to make the scheduled dates for the testing, can I schedule another time?

No. Unfortunately, the recruitment schedule is set, and we are unable to accommodate individual requests.

If I am unsuccessful at any step in the selection process, what feedback can I expect?

Unfortunately, due to the high number of applications received in the recruitment process, we are unable to provide applicants with individual feedback. You are welcome to apply for future firefighter recruitments.

What are the scheduled dates for testing and other steps in the recruitment process for 2021?

Recruitment StepDatesLocation
Competition OpenApril 30, 2021Online
Competition ClosedMay 14, 2021Online
First Interviews (VidCruiter)May 21 – 25, 2021Online
Written TestJune 4 – 6, 2021Online
Physical Performance TestJune 25 – 26, 2021Kamloops
Prevue Job Fit Assessment & Police information checkOngoing from June 28 – July 2, 2021Online
Second InterviewsJuly 5 – 9, 2021 (please note, candidates that are successful in moving onto second round interviews will be notified on June 28, 2021 and have the ability to select their date/time for their second round interview on one of the dates above)Kamloops
Eligibility List FormedJuly 14, 2021Kamloops
References and Medical ExamCandidates to be advisedKamloops


** Note: these dates are subject to change **