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Home Escape Plan

During a fire there is no time to stop and think about an escape route - every second is important! Being prepared before a fire occurs can save your life!

Make an escape plan and practice it with your family today. There are four simple steps when making an escape plan:

Step 1: Install working smoke alarms 

Smoke alarms save lives

Install a working smoke alarm on every level of your home and outside sleeping areas. For maximum protection install smoke alarms in every bedroom, especially if you sleep with your bedroom door closed. Test your smoke alarms monthly to ensure they are functioning properly.

Step 2: Draw a floor plan of your home 

Make sure you have a safe way to reach the ground

Make an outline of each floor of your home and label each room. Identify at least two exits from each room. Windows can serve as the second emergency exit. If a window is considered an exit, make sure all family members can open the locks and windows easily for a quick escape. Security bars on windows and doors must have a quick-release mechanism to make escape possible.

Step 3: Choose a family meeting place 

The meeting place should be a safe distance away from the house. All family members should be taught to report to the meeting place after escaping a fire. One person should go to a neighbour's house or the nearest phone in a safe location to contact 9-1-1 or their local emergency number. Know the emergency telephone number for your area.

Step 4: Schedule a home fire drill 

Practice getting out of the house through the various exits by holding fire drills. Practice your escape plan by having a fire drill at least twice each year.