Exemplary Service Awards

Each year, City Council formally acknowledges individuals who have dedicated their time and service to the City. The selected citizens receive an Exemplary Service Award as formal recognition of their contributions to the community. 

The 2020 and 2021 Exemplary Service Award recipients were formally recognized in an invitation-only ceremony on October 27, 2021. Read more about them here.

2020 recipients:

  • Christopher Seguin (posthumously)
  • Shirley Philpot
  • Tamara MacPherson Vukusic 

2021 recipients:

  • Aleece Laird
  • Annette Glover
  • Gisela Ruckert
  • Jan Antons
  • Tara Holmes

The nomination period for 2022 Exemplary Service Awards has not yet been determined.

Nominations are accepted in two categories:

  • Young adult - 29 and under
  • Adult - 30 and over

The following Selection Criteria will be applied:

  • Nominees will have demonstrated commitment to various endeavours or services to the community over a period of time.
  • Present members of Council, City staff, and groups do not qualify for nomination.
  • Individuals who have received the Freedom of the City, a Centennial Medal, or a previous Exemplary Service Award will not qualify.
  • Nominees will have been residents of the City of Kamloops during their service to the community.
  • Nominations will not be accepted from family members of nominees.
  • The nominee’s service should be considered to be a voluntary contribution to the growth and development of the community or the well-being of its citizens.
Past Recipients
  • 2019 - Tyson Andrykew, Penny Douglass, Lisa Fuller, Cheryl Kabloona, Lisa Lake, Kristin McLaghlin, and Dr. Andrew Yarmie 

  • 2018 - Supt. Brad Mueller, Sam Numsen, Maureen McCurdy, Dale Sturge, Terry-Lynn Stone, and Sean Pitts

  • 2017 - Jonathon Fulton, Gillian Stephenson, Bryce Herman, Danica Wilkinson, and Merek De Witte

  • 2016 - Terri Axani, Sherry Chamberlain, Stan Fike, Francois Lambert, Delores Owen, and Mike Stewart-Smith

  • 2015 - Marion Anderson, Bob Cowden, Chenel Meunier-Tedford, Julie Moray, Jordan Popadynetz, Margaret Rodgers, and Joan Wymer

  • 2014 - Jeff Arnold, Charlie Bruce, Edward "Ted" Erickson, Raymond Jolicoeur, Claire Moreau, Andrew Philpot, Helen Saemerow, and Janice Yeung

  • 2013 - Sandra Blair, Graham Cope, Pat Decker, Jessie Ann Fleming, Trevor Jensen, Niki Remesz, and Anthony Salituro

  • 2012 - Harvey Fraser, Lynda MacKenzie, Acacia Schietenknop, and Ruth Williams

  • 2011 - Maurice (Mo) Bradley, Natasha Chisholm, Kailey Jolliffe, Natasha Nilsen, and Sandy Van Camp

  • 2010 - Sue Adams, Jan Cook, Elizabeth Lyne, and Izzy McQueen

  • 2008 - Natalie Lidster, Alice Ross, and Joyce Ware

  • 1999 - Andrew Quirie

  • 1996 - Ian Neighbour and Robert J Perry

  • 1995 - Naomi B Butner, Ambo Dhaliwal, Jeevyn Dhaliwal, Doreen Haughton, Enid Janzen, Barbara Morgan, Marian Owens, Kris Stephenson, Karen Willies, and Yosh Yoshida