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Book Recycling

Did you know? Books do not belong in your garbage or recycling carts.

Recycle BC does not accept hard cover or soft cover books, such as paperback novels, textbooks, and reference material (e.g. encyclopedias).

If your books are still in good shape or only gently used, consider donating them.  

If the books are not in good enough condition to be donated or reused, simply drop them at one of two book recycling locations:

  • Tournament Capital Centre, 910 McGill Road, lobby (drop books in the bright yellow cart)
  • North Kamloops Library, 693 Tranquille Road (drop off books with library attendant) 

Note: Drop-off carts are located indoors and drop-off hours are subject to individual locations.

  • Hardcover books
  • Paperback books
  • Children's books
  • Encyclopedias
  • Textbooks
  • Spiral-bound notebooks
  • Manuals
  • Bound reports
  • Outdated publications
  • Plastic binders (donate if in good condition or throw in the garbage)
  • Water-damaged books (garbage)
  • E-readers (bring to specified electronic recycling depots)
  • Cardboard boxes put in curbside recycling or bring to specified depot)
  • Magazines
  • Flyers
  • Newspapers
  • Phone books
  • Catalogues 
  • Comic books
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Paper envelopes
  • Home and office paper
  • Cardboard
Visit for recycling depot locations and addresses.



Where can I donate my gently used books or books that are in good condition?

If your books are still in good condition, not missing pages, and not too outdated (e.g. a textbook, encyclopedia, or government publication older than five years), consider donating to a second-hand store, a used book store, a little library, or a local charity.

Why can’t books go in my curbside recycling cart?

Although they are made of paper, hard cover and soft cover books are not accepted by Recycle BC. This is because these types of books are durable goods—not product packaging or residential paper. In addition, hard and soft book covers and spines often contain glue, which is a contaminant in the recycling stream. Certain books like comic books, magazines, and phone books are accepted in the recycling cart.

What happens to books that are picked up through the book recycling program?

Books are picked up by a company called Planet Earth recycling. They sort through the books and set aside any books in good condition for resale or donation. Any residential paper items such as magazines are recycled through Recycle BC. Hard and soft cover books that are ready to be recycled are processed through a book cutter, which chops off the spines and covers in order to separate the paper pages, which are then recycled.

Warning! Items placed in the book recycling bins may or may not be destroyed. Some items may be donated or utilized in another manner. Depositing anything containing personal information is at your own risk.