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Residential Parking Passes

A two-hour, time restricted parking is in place to limit the number of non-residents who park in residential areas. 

There is no charge for a residential parking permit. The property owner is responsible for applying for parking permits. Property owners must apply to the City of Kamloops with names, vehicle licence plate numbers, and valid ID that contains proof of residence. Proof of residence can be shown with a utility bill, phone bill, or a driver's licence that associates the applicant's identity with the property address.



  • Save your completed Application Form and email it to
  • Parking Services staff will set up your account and email you with a temporary password and instructions within 10 business days.
  • When you setup your online account, you will be prompted to change your password.

Application Form

Update my Account

Residential parking permits are issued to specific vehicles and are associated with specific addresses. If a vehicle changes, your permit will not be valid until you update your account with Precise Parklink


Having trouble? 

Permanent Hangtags

As part of the new IPASS system from Precise ParkLink, all downtown residents will now receive permanent hangtags. DO NOT throw these out—you will no longer receive new permits each year.

Types of Residential Permits

There are two types of residential parking permits:

Residential - Licence Plate Specific for Address Only

  • Vehicles must have a valid licence plate attached
  • Permits must be displayed
  • Permits are non-transferable to other vehicles
  • Permits are valid within approximately one block of residence
  • Permits can only be obtained by the property owner, and the owner must provide ID to obtain the pass

Residential Visitor Permit and Residential Visitor Permit Card - Address Specific

  • Visitor(s) must be visiting the property address
  • Hang the visitor permit on rear-view mirror, and place residential visitor permit card on the dash
  • Permits allow visitor(s) to park up to a maximum of five consecutive days
  • In order to obtain a new booklet of visitor permits, return a completed booklet to City Hall at 7 Victoria Street West
  • Permits are valid within approximately one block of residence