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Making a Claim

If you have suffered a bodily injury or property damage loss and believe that the City of Kamloops may be responsible, you may file a Notice of Claim against the City. We encourage you to contact your insurance broker or insurance company regarding your loss first.

If you wish to make your claim directly against the City, please complete the Notice of Claim Form. If you require assistance completing or printing the claim form please contact the Risk Management Department at (250)828-3417.

There are strict time limitations under the Local Government Act for you to submit your claim. Under Section 736(1) of the act, you have two months from the date on which the damage was sustained to submit your claim in writing.

The City of Kamloops only considers compensation when the City has been found negligent. This responsible approach protects the taxpaying public, who ultimately bear the costs of these claims.

Notice of Claim Form

Next Steps

The claimant can expect to receive acknowledgment of a written Notice of Claim within three business days. A City representative will reach out to discuss the claim and collect further information.

Each claim is investigated on its own unique set of facts, and investigations may take several weeks to complete. A determination of the City’s legal liability will follow, and the decision will be provided to the claimant in writing.

Risk Management Insurance Division contact information:
Phone: 250-828-3417