Volunteer Opportunities

Engagement Groups Call for Community Volunteers

The City of Kamloops is seeking applications from Kamloops residents who are interested in serving on a volunteer basis for the following engagement group.

Engagement groups meet at least four times per year. They are working/advisory groups that consist of City staff and representatives from the public. The City is looking for community members with the following experience and attributes:

  • experience in the particular Engagement Group’s related fields or sectors
  • experience working with City staff on plans, projects, and initiatives
  • demonstrated independent and innovative thinkers
  • proven collaborators who offer constructive ideas in group dialogue
  • demonstrated track record of commitment to the community

Social Planning Engagement Group

The Social Planning Engagement Group assists and supports the Community Services Committee with social issues in the community. The engagement group, which consists of nine representatives from the public and community organizations, makes recommendations and provides input on a wide variety of social planning and community well-being initiatives, among other things:

  • providing coordination and support for the committee’s activities
  • providing information and professional advice for the committee’s consideration
  • gathering public input for matters coming within the committee’s mandate and reporting that information to the committee
  • assisting in the advancement of the Kamloops Social Plan
  • identifying social planning priorities
  • providing input with respect to annual social planning grants
  • providing input with respect to social planning issues

If you are interested in applying for a position on the Social Planning Engagement Group, please submit an online application by November 30, 2020.

Volunteer with our Crime Prevention team

Become a Snow Angel

Get involved in one of our Neighbourhood Safety programs

Join your Neighbourhood Association (or start one if it doesn't exist yet!)

Become an Auxiliary Firefighter

Volunteer with Emergency Support Services

For current volunteer opportunities throughout Kamloops, visit Volunteer Kamloops or Kamloops Sports Council.