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Pedestrian Safety Tips

Be aware, take care.

As the days start getting shorter, pedestrians become more vulnerable. According to ICBC, nearly half of all crashes involving pedestrians occur between October and January when daylight hours are reduced. It’s important for both pedestrians and drivers to be aware and take care when visibility is reduced. 

Learn how the City of Kamloops is enhancing pedestrian safety.

Tips for Pedestrians:

  • Be visible. Wear light colored or reflective clothing to help be seen. 
  • Pay attention. Put your phone away and remove your headphones when crossing an intersection. 
  • Don’t jaywalk. Always use crosswalks and obey pedestrian and traffic signals, especially in low visibility. 
  • Be aware. Pay attention in intersections – watch for drivers turning left, or through crosswalks. 
  • Make eye contact. Never assume that a driver has seen you. 

Tips for Motorists:

  • Be aware. Always leave your phone and other distractions alone while driving.
  • Yield. Always yield to pedestrians in crosswalks or intersections. 
  • Expect the unexpected. Always watch for pedestrians, even mid-block. 

Learn about the different types of markings and signs that help enhance pedestrian safety here