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Network Classification System

Our roadway classification system defines the primary functions of each roadway. These typically range from providing access to individual properties (i.e. local and collector roads) through to supporting mobility for vehicles (i.e. arterials and highways).

A hierarchy of urban streets throughout the city enables each class of street to serve its primary function, while promoting operational efficiency and safety throughout the network.

Today, the primary goals for a classified network extend beyond the design of roads.

A classified network is expected to:

  • Support quality of life goals along all streets by maintaining a hierarchy of roads that support local and non-local traffic where appropriate, and accommodate desired levels of traffic
  • Shape land use patterns and decisions are consistent with the designated role of each roadway throughout the City
  • Maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of existing roadways within the City by maintaining and enhancing mobility along primary routes, such as the arterials and highways
  • Support the movement of alternative modes - walking, cycling, automobiles, trucks and transit - as appropriate along different classes of roads

Network Classification Strategy   Street Classification Map