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Terms of Use and Usage Guidelines for City of Kamloops Logo & Brandmarks

Terms of Use 
The City of Kamloops owns the Canada’s Tournament Capital logo and it is protected by copyright. Any unauthorized use of the artwork and tag line is strictly prohibited without the express consent of our Communications and Community Engagement department at the City of Kamloops. The Tournament Capital logo and artwork may not be altered in any manner or copied for further distribution or other commercial use. Any use of the artwork outside of these guidelines is strictly prohibited. For example, the content may not be used for advertising, business, or personal communication. The City of Kamloops reserves the right to withdraw permission to reproduce any material provided under these terms.

In addition to the Terms of Use described above:

1. The brandmarks may only be used in close proximity to, or in obvious connection with, a published article or broadcast news story about the City of Kamloops or a specific City of Kamloops municipal product or service.

2. The brandmarks may not be copied, distributed or used apart from the article or broadcast commentary about the City of Kamloops or the applicable product or service. For example, you may not redistribute the logo in hard copy or electronic form or make it available online for others to copy.

3. All works involving the use of our brandmark including newspaper ads, promotional products, apparel, motion graphics and video spots, sponsorships and partnership announcements, signage, etc. must be submitted for approval to our Communications and Community Engagement department for approval before publishing.

4. The information that I have provided about myself, my organization, and my planned use of the brandmarks and / or images is true, accurate, and complete.

Restrictions: Logo usage is restricted for use on this project only.

An electronic copy of future productions (beyond this initial request) must be submitted to Communications and Community Engagement by email for approval before being published. Contact pdezeeuw@kamloops.ca or krodrigue@kamloops.ca with your final proof before distribution for approval.

You may retain any logo files officially obtained for future usage provided that they are not distributed to any other person(s), agencies, businesses, companies, organizations, commercial printers, artists, designers or any City of Kamloops staff. You are instructed to refer any formal or informal requests for our logo and brandmark to the Communications and Community Engagement department at the City of Kamloops.

All future use of our brandmarks and logo must be approved by the Communications and Community Engagement department prior to publishing.