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Water Meters & Rates

How Rates are Structured

The residential metered rate is the total of the following three charges:

  1. Fixed Capital charge: This covers the cost of the infrastructure, (the water treatment plant, pump stations, pipes, etc.) and is based on the size of the service to the property. This is an annual cost and will be billed quarterly. The annual charge for an average home owner with a ¾ inch service is $242.30, or $60.58 per quarter.
  2. Fixed Consumption charge: This provides an allotment of water to your home at a fixed price and currently allows for 45m³ in winter and fall with 90m³ allotted for spring and summer to meet irrigation/watering demands. The annual charge is $136.67, or $34.17 per quarter.
  3. Variable Consumption charge: This covers excess water use over and above the fixed allotment as noted in the Fixed Consumption charge.

Note: 1m³ = 1,000 Litres

The full breakdown of all service sizes, charges, variable consumption rates, etc. can be found in the City's Waterworks Bylaw No. 12-31

Fixed vs Metered Rates
Reading Your Water Meter

City staff will read your meter for billing purposes, but if you wish to monitor your own consumption, here's how:

  1. Shine a flashlight over the flashlight icon (located on the register) to turn on the LCD display.
  2. Take a reading at a set time of the day.
  3. Take a second reading at the same time the next day.
  4. The difference between the two readings is your daily water consumption.

Understanding Your Water Meter Display

The nine-digit LCD displays your meter reading in cubic metres. To calculate your water usage, you will need to convert your reading into litres by multiplying your meter reading by 1,000.

i.e. If meter display shows 24.5200, usage = 24,520 Litres (24.5200 x 1000)

Leak Indicator (displays possible leaks)
OFFIndicates that there are no leaks
FlashingIndicates water usage for more than 50% of the time during a 24 hour period
Continuous ONIndicates water usage at least once every 15 minutes through a 24 hour period.
There is most likely a leak in your home.
Flow Indicator (displays flow direction)
ONIndicates water is in use
OFFIndicates water is not in use
(-)Indicates reverse flow
(+)Indicates forward flow