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Sustainability & Waste Management


Sustainability is a strategic priority in the 2023-2026 City of Kamloops Council Strategic Plan, with a focus on implementing actions to reduce our environmental impacts. BC’s film industry is also committed to sustainability, and 10 years ago, BC’s sustainable film production efforts were formalized through the Reel Green initiative (source Creative BC Reel Green).

Film productions and municipal staff work together to optimize sustainability wherever possible, and to participate in training and continued learning. The City’s Film Official has completed the Reel Green Climate and Sustainable Production training and can help connect productions to more information regarding sustainability if needed. 

Waste Management

The City leads by example by making sustainable choices to minimize our footprint, and we encourage industry to do the same. For more information regarding sustainable production practices, please visit Reel Green

All filming-related garbage, recycling, and gray/black water must be removed from production locations, ensuring that all locations are returned to their original condition or better. Catering trucks and equipment must not discharge wastewater or grease on the ground or into the storm sewer (please inquire with the City’s film official or visit the Recycling, Garbage & Organics City Services webpage for disposal and recycling locations).