Kamloops East Landscape

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Film Production

Why Kamloops?

Kamloops is ideally located within a 3.5-hour drive or a one-hour flight from Vancouver, BC. It offers beautiful parks, charming and historic buildings, and friendly locals. Surrounded by world-renowned parks; stunning, semi-arid desert; high mountains; rivers and lakes; and the easily accessed wilderness, Kamloops fills most any location wish list.

Kamloops is a film-friendly city with a film official available to assist with coordination and access to city parks, buildings, roads, parking, and more. The permitting rates are competitive, and with the growing pool of local talent and crew, Kamloops is a great choice for productions of all sizes.

Want to Know More?

Contact the City’s film official’s office at 250-828-3755 or filmproduction@kamloops.ca. Film permitting is a function of the External Relations Division.

For more information regarding possible locations, past productions, film-related news, tax incentives, and hiring local crew, please contact the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission.

If you are a resident seeking information about how to list your property as a possible film location, please visit the Creative BC website.