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Cannabis Retail Sales

The BC Provincial Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (formerly the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch) is responsible for licensing private non-medical cannabis retail stores. Any Kamloops private cannabis retail application must be reviewed first by this provincial authority, before being referred by the Province to the City of Kamloops.

Retail Cannabis Sales Licence Application Guide 

Retail Cannabis Sales Licence Application Form

Planning and Development Application

Division of Responsibilities

Private Retail Sales in Kamloops

Cannabis Retail Sales FAQ (last updated January 17, 2023)

Are there limitations on public consumption of cannabis in Kamloops?

Public consumption of cannabis in Kamloops is limited by:

  • Provincial legislation, which prohibits cannabis smoking everywhere that tobacco smoking is prohibited and everywhere that children commonly gather (playgrounds, sports fields, skate parks, etc.)
  • The City’s Parks Regulation Bylaw, which prohibits cannabis smoking and vaping in all parks and City facilities
  • The City’s Clean Indoor Air Bylaw, which prohibits cannabis smoking and vaping within a 7 m buffer zone of all public entrances to buildings
  • Public intoxication is prohibited, as is the sale of cannabis to those intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.

How do cannabis retail stores obtain their product?

In BC, all non-medical cannabis products are distributed through the BC Liquor Distribution Branch. As with alcohol sales, retail businesses are not be permitted to grow their own product or source it from a third party.

What are the fees for a Business Licence related to retail cannabis sales in Kamloops?

Fees include a $1,600 application fee for a Retail Cannabis Sales Licence Permit and Existing Licence Amendment and a $196.40 annual Business Licence Fee.

Where are private citizens able to grow their own cannabis within the city?

Individuals aged 19 years and older are able to grow cannabis at home for personal use, but not for resale. A maximum of four plants per household is permitted by federal and provincial law. Plants must not be visible from a public place. Landlords and strata councils are authorized to restrict or prohibit non-medical cannabis cultivation.

Where in Kamloops is a retail cannabis store able to be located?

There are four zones in which non-medical cannabis retail stores may be located. These zones are identified in the Zoning Bylaw Amendment Bylaw No. 5-1-2878.