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Information for Candidates

Important information

  • *NEW LINK* Unsure of how to complete your Financial Disclosure Statement when submitting your Nomination Documents? Visit "What municipal official nominees must disclose" here.
  • Campaign financing and advertising rules can be found here.
  • A list of important dates can be viewed here.
  • Elections BC: Questions on campaign financing and advertising rules should be directed to Elections BC at 1-800-661-8683 or
  • Signs: The City of Kamloops Sign Regulation Bylaw No. 11-77 can be found here.
    • While regulations around Political Signs are covered in Division 6 - Special Purpose Signs, of Bylaw No. 11-77, note that the bylaw applies to political signs in its entirety. Candidates and their teams are encouraged to pay particular attention to Division 3 - General Provisions.
    • Sign size is regulated by the type of sign, i.e., sandwich board, marquee, billboard, etc., rather than by the purpose of the sign.
    • Political/Election/Campaign signs are not to be installed on lawns or grass that are maintained by the City.

Notice of Nomination




    Elections BC – Local Elections Campaign Financing

    All queries and registrations related to campaign financing, election advertising, and third party advertising must be directed to Elections BC.

    Elections BC