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Urban Hens

​We support sustainable, local food and urban agriculture initiatives that are based on healthy social and ecological relationships, a vibrant and equitable economic system, and support for education and skills training. The Food and Urban Agriculture Plan (agriculture) was adopted in 2015 in response to community requests for sustainability goals and actions related to food security and urban agriculture.

Regulations for Owners of Urban Hens

To raise urban hens, you must live on the premises and be the property owner or have the property owner's permission. You must have:

  • a single-family or duplex lot that is a minimum of 370 m2*
  • a fenced backyard (1.2 m minimum–2 m maximum height)
  • a regulation coop

*Separate regulations exist for lots that are an acre or larger. See Animal Control Bylaw No. 34-11 for specific details.

Details of hen possession:

  • minimum two, maximum five hens
  • no roosters (males) or chicks (less than three months old)

Self-registration is required and free of charge. A Community Services Officer will arrange a time with you to inspect your coop and confirm your information within two weeks of registering your hens.

Register your Hens