Strategies and Plans

Strategic, long-term planning provides direction to guide decisions for Council and staff as the needs of our residents change with the projected growth of the city. 

Annual Reports

Review current and archived municipal annual reports, including audited financial statements, and reports on permissive tax exemptions and municipal services and operations.

Administration and Council

Read Council's Strategic Plan and see a sample of Memorandums of Understanding the City has developed with other organizations.

Community and Neighbourhood Plans

Learn about KAMPLAN, the City's Official Community Plan, as well several neighbourhood plans that guide planning and land use for those areas.

Strategic Plans

Find an assortment of strategic and master plans, including culture, land use, and resource management plans. 

Transportation Plans

Learn how the City is planning for the design, development, and long-term maintenance of transportation facilities and infrastructure. Susbsidiary plans include the Bicycle Master Plan, Trails Master Plan, and Transit Future Plan.

Environmental Sustainability Plans

See the details of the Sustainable Kamloops Plan, and learn about the City's Corporate Energy and Emissions Management Plan.

Social and Accessibility Plans

Find out how the City supports accessibility and inclusion, as well as the steps we're taking to reduce homelessness. 

Safety and Emergency Plans

Discover how we minimize risks to the community in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan and our Safe City Strategy.

Mayor's Task Force Report on Economic Recovery and Renewal

Discover how the Mayor's Task Force is planning to address local economic challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.