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Waste Reduction

Small changes have a big impact when it comes to waste reduction. There are easy actions people can take at home, at work, or on the go to reduce waste.

Seasonal Waste Reduction Tips
B.Y.O. Initiative

The City of Kamloops is committed to helping residents and businesses reduce unnecessary waste and make more sustainable choices. Our Bring Your Own Initiative encourages Kamloopsians to take action. Take the pledge!

Shop Smart
  • Try borrowing before buying something you will only use occasionally. Borrow from a friend, neighbour, or online sites like Peerby or Free Cycle
  • Books are difficult to recycle. Befriend your local library to find good reads, borrow from a friend, or go electronic.
  • Purchase high quality items, not just items that are a good deal.
  • Purchase items with minimal packaging.
  • Buy local! Locally made items don't have to be shipped long distances and generally have less packaging.
  • Buy larger volumes of items you commonly use like soap or pasta. This will save you money in the long run and uses far less packaging.
  • Avoid disposable items. Purchase items that are refillable or reusable. Take the BYO pledge!
  • Look for a local Repair Cafe to help fix broken household items.
  • Think reuse! You may be able to find a good (or even better quality) second hand item in a thrift store or online classifieds. Better yet, host a clothes swap party and save money.
  • When buying clothes, be ruthless on fit. When you buy clothes that fit well, chances are you will wear them a lot longer.

Use Waste Wise!

Residents can use the Waste Wise Wizard to learn how and where hundreds of items can be disposed of or recycled in Kamloops. Just enter a word or phrase, below, to begin.