Kamloops Heritage Commission Veteran Street Sign Project

The City of Kamloops Heritage Commission has initiated the Veterans Street Sign project to promote public awareness of the City’s heritage.

To honour our veterans the City of Kamloops will add a Poppy symbol to City of Kamloops street signs from a list of designated signs as identified by the Heritage Commission, in partnership with the KMA. The spirit of this initiative is to symbolically express our veneration of the honoured dead, and to observe that we have not forgotten our fallen heroes.

The City of Kamloops sincerely thanks the Royal Canadian Legion for their permission in the use of the Poppy symbol. For more information about the Royal Canadian Legion please visit www.legion.ca.

The City of Kamloops sincerely thanks donors who contributed toward this project, including a grant from the BC Interior Community Foundation.

Lest We Forget.

List of Street Signs and Extended Information

Bostock Place

Street Name Origin

After Senator Hewitt Bostock (rancher, politician), provided by Mary Balf 1973, as per City’s Street Naming Policy (council item No. 205).


Lieutenant. Alexander Hewitt Bostock, Lord Strathcona’s Horse
Son of Senator Hewitt Bostock
Born January 1, 1893 | Died July 26, 1916

KMA 5991 (1973.052 Bostock Family fonds)
KMA Photo #5991 (1973.052 Bostock Family fonds)

Volunteers, Chase Troop “A” Squadron, 31st Regiment B.C. Horse, August 14, 1914.

Left to right: Billy Wicks, Bob Leggitt, David Chase, N. Cummings, A. Bostock, Whitfield Haldane, Dan Haldane, Walter Montgomery, and Ernie McBryan.

Clapperton Road

Street Name Origin

After George Alexander Clapperton (came to Kamloops from Nicola 1900, North Kamloops in 1906, brother of John) and family. Clapperton Road is on the site of George Clapperton’s former ranch site.


Sgt. Russell Haigh Clapperton, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
Son of John A. and Isabel Clappterton, Barnhartvale
Died December 16, 1944

RMR No. 1 Platoon (Signals)
RMR No. 1 Platoon (Signals)

Back row: Private W.D. Turner, Private G.E. McCauley, Private R.P. McKee, Private G. Walters, Private G. Greenlees, Private K. Elliot, Private A.L. Whitney, Private J. Lamont, Private R. Coatsworth.

Middle row: Private G. Winter, Private A.E. Cork, Private T. Geddie, Private A.R. Kung, Private J.C. Beswick, Private G. Potter, Private R.H. Clapperton, Private W.A. Hunt, Private M.H. Renyard.

Front row: Private J. Wickwire, Private A. Money, Private J.B. Dyck, Private T.J.M. Bennetts, Sergeant J.E. Phelps, Lieutenant D. Sutherland, Lance Corporal J.L. Harling, Corporal C. Porter, Corporal J.A. Sawicki, Lance Corporal A. Gill, Private J. Corner. 

Dalgleish Drive

Street Name Origin

After Neil S. Dalgleish (arrived c. 1906, hardware store, d. 1924), provided by Mary Balf 1973, as per City’s Street Naming Policy (council item no. 205).


Second Lieut. Neil John Dalgleish, Royal Air Force
Son of John and M. Dalgleish, nephew of Neil S. Dalgleish
Born December 14, 1889, Moosomin, SK | Died October 30, 1918

Duck Road

Street Name Origin

After Jacob Duck (rancher/hotel at Monte Creek/Ducks, uncle of Albert), provided by Mary Balf 1973, as per City’s Street Naming Policy (council item no. 205).


Pte. Wilfred Albert Duck, 54 Canadian Infantry
Son of Albert and Edith Duck
Born November 3, 1898, Grand Prairie, B.C. (Westwold) | Died January 25, 1918

Hargraves Place

Street Name Origin

After William Hargraves, sr. (arrived ca. 1888, blacksmith, hardware merchant, theatre owner, alderman, etc.), provided by Mary Balf 1973, as per City’s Street Naming Policy (council item no. 205).


Sapper William Hargraves, Canadian Engineers
Son of William and Ellen Hargraves, Kamloops
Born October 23, 1876 | Died August 29, 1918

KMA 447
KMA Photo #447

William Hargraves, Jr. in November 1916, who engaged in the hardware business with his father before going overseas in World War I where he lost his life.

Kipp Road

Street Name Origin

After William and Clara Kipp who came to Kamloops 1915 and children (Gordon Kipp, who went on to own Kipp/Kipp-Mallery Pharmacy).


S/L Robert Allan Kipp, R.C.A.F.
Son of William and Clara Kipp of Kamloops
Born October 12, 1919, Kamloops | Died July 25, 1949


Bobby Kipp, Senior Matriculation, Kamloops High School, 1938. 

McGowan Avenue

Street Name Origin

Likely named after Albert McGowan, who was a prominent member of Kamloops society in various regards.


Albert McGowan, Commanding Officer of Rocky Mountain Rangers

KMA 3065 (T.J. Bartlett and J. Spratt collection)
KMA Photo #3065 (T.J. Bartlett and J. Spratt collection)

5th B.C. Light Horse (Kamloops Squadron) en route for Merritt about 1922. Taken at Stump Lake at the T.G. McBride house which has sine burned down.

The following are likely pictured: A. McGowan, R. Normand, Doug Ross, Howard Ross, Charlie Hadlow, R.C. Ross, Angus McLeod, Father Madden, and Keith Winterbottom.

Pearse Place

Street Name Origin

After Ernest T.W. Pearse (early settler of Grande Prairie), provided by Mary Balf 1973, as per City’s Street Naming Policy (council item no. 205).


2nd Lieutenant. Walter Josiah Pearse, Royal Horse Artillery
Son of Ernest T.W. and May C. Pearse of Kamloops
Died April 9, 1917

KMA 4463
KMA Photo #4463

Walter Pearse in 1916, not long before he was killed in action. He had previously been a Rhodes Scholar.

Tunstall Crescent

Street Name Origin

After Overlander George Christie Tunstall, as per council vote 1912 (see Sept 13, 1912 Sentinel). Other source says Dr. Simon Tunstall (CPR doctor).


Pte. Marmaduke Christie Tunstall, Canadian Infantry
Son of Simon Tunstall, second cousin of G.C. Tunstall
Born May 12, 1892 | Died September 27, 1916

KMA 955 (Mrs. Thomas Whitmore collection)
KMA Photo #955 (Mrs. Thomas Whitmore collection)

High School class of 1908.

Back row: Harold Treswell, Harold Walkley, George Taylor, Richie Macdonald, Ralph Walker, Marmaduke Tunstall, Lynn Herchmer, Dallas Slavin, Harry Macnab, John Hunter, Percy Elder, Gordon Wood, Elwell Walker;

Third row: Willie Carment, Myrtle Loney, Grace (Bunty) Penzer, Retta Macdonald, Mr. R.F. Logan (Asst. Principal), Ethel McCannel; Before Miss McCannel is Mr. Frank Smith (Principal). After Miss McCannell, Jessie Macdonald, Dorothy McLean, Isabel Crawford, Harry Wilcox;

Second row: Beatrice (Trixie) Vicars, Bessie Manson, Bertha Loney, Vera Palmer, Ethel Whitmore, Elsie Howell, Edna Austin, Marian Palmer, Lima Petite, Reta Armour;

First row: Tottie Irwin, Lillian Dundas, Ethel Austin, Annie Howell, and Nellie Klemmer. 

Vicars Road

Street Name Origin

After Lieutenant-Colonel J.R. Vicars, Commanding Officer of the Rocky Mountain Rangers and sons Desmond and Hugh Vicars.


Desmond Vicars, Commanding Officer of the Rocky Mountain Rangers

KMA 3356 (G.D. Brown collection)
KMA Photo #3356 (G.D. Brown collection)

Col. Desmond Vicars and J.R. Vicars in August 1939, as the militia leave to guard Cisco Bridge. 

Wood Street

Street Name Origin

Possibly named after E. Stuart Wood, provided by Mary Balf 1973, as per City’s Street Naming Policy (council item no. 205).


Lieutenant. Norman Clarke Wood, 17th Tank Corps
Son of Edward Stuart and Gertrude Clarke Wood (Kamloops educator)
Born February 23, 1893, Kamloops, BC | Died September 2, 1918

KMA 161 (E. Stuart Wood collection)
KMA Photo #161 (E. Stuart Wood collection)

Captain Norman Clarke Wood, killed in action September 1918. Photograph taken in London by W.G. Parker & Co.