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Dog Licences

The first step to responsible dog ownership is licensing your dog. Licensing your dog is easy to do and identifies you as your pet’s owner, which provides peace of mind if they go missing. The Dog Responsibility and Control Bylaw No. 34-42 states that all dog owners who possess a dog(s) over the age of six months must license the dog(s) every year with the City. The City of Kamloops allows two dogs to be registered to one address—more than two dogs at one address requires a dog variance application to be submitted for review and approval.

Information on how to apply for a new licence, how to complete a dog licence renewal, and how to apply for a dog variance can be found below. 

2024 Dog Licence Renewals Are In The Mail

Dog owners are reminded that dog licence fees were due on January 1, 2024. Any unpaid fees on the account for 2023 or previous years will be carried over to the 2024 invoice. Any payment made after January 1 will automatically have a late payment penalty of $32.50 applied to the account.

Purchasing a New Dog Licence

If you are licensing your dog for the first time, you will need to register for a MyCity account.

  1. Login to MyCity with your new account information, complete the form, and submit payment. Alternatively, you can visit Community Services at the North Shore Community Policing Office (915 7th Street) or City Hall (7 Victoria Street West) to register in-person for a new dog licence.
  2. You will receive your new licence tags in the mail. Tags are valid for the life of your dog. Replacement tags are available for $15 each. Annual licence fees apply. 

Register a New Dog

Renewing an Existing Dog Licence 

If you were mailed a reminder to renew your dog licence, you have all of the information you need about your account to renew your dog licence online.

  1. Login to MyCity with the account information on your renewal notice and submit payment. Alternatively, you can visit Community Services at the North Shore Community Policing Office (915 7th Street) or City Hall (7 Victoria Street West) to pay for your dog licence.
  2. The issued dog tag is valid for the life of your dog. Replacement tags are available for $15 each— the annual licence fee still applies.

Payment for the current year is due by January 1, a late payment fee will be applied to overdue accounts. i.e.) 2023 Dog Licence renewal payments are due by January 1, 2024.

Renew Your Dog Licence

Updating Your Dog Licence Account or Purchase a Replacement Tag 

It's important to ensure that your dog licence account is up to date if you have moved, changed your email address, or spayed/neutered your dog. If your animal has passed away, please contact Community Services directly at 250-828-3409 or email.

If you require a replacement tag, you can request a replacement by accessing your dog licence account or contacting Community Services, a $15 fee is required.

  • Login to MyCity with your dog licence account information and make the necessary edits to your account. Your account number can be found on your annual renewal notice.
  • Alternatively, you can visit Community Services at the North Shore Community Policing Office (915 7th Street).

Register for an e-Bill

In an effort to continue to reduce its impact on the environment, remain fiscally responsible, and improve public service, the City has updated its system to allow for dog owners to register for an electronic renewal notice rather than a standard notice sent through Canada Post. Once registered, please ensure that your contact information is up to date.

MyCity is an online portal for Kamloops residents that provides detailed account information for taxes, utilities, dog and business licence accounts; payment processing for dog and business licence accounts; ebilling, and access to current and past bills and account payment history.

Not on MyCity yet? Register for new accounts at Kamloops.ca/MyCity. Existing account users can login and update their ebilling option by selecting dog licensing as an ebill option.

Standard Dog Licence Fees 

  • $65.00 - each un-neutered or un-spayed dog
  • $30.00 - each neutered or spayed dog
  • $15.00 - replacement tag
  • $32.50 - late payment penalty
  • $105.00 - each kennel or hobby kennel
  • $105.00 - each nuisance and/or potentially dangerous dog
  • $205.00 - each aggressive dog

A full list of fees and penalties can be found within the Dog Responsibility and Control Bylaw No. 34-42

Dog Licences From Another Municipality

Out-of-town dog licences are not valid; however, a replacement licence is available for any dog currently licensed in another municipality at a cost of $15.

Benefits of a Dog Licence

  • Provides a dog identification service, which allows the City to reunite you with your dog if they are lost or stolen.
  • Provides statistics on the number of dogs within the city to better assess the need for facilities and programs.
  • $5 per annual licence fee is reserved for future additions and upgrades to dog parks within the city.
  • Owners of licensed dogs will save costs on fines and penalty fees.
  • Licence revenue helps support animal control and regulatory services associated with pet ownership.

Frequently Asked Questions