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Implementing KAMPLAN

Annual Reports

Annually, City staff will prepare a report summarizing the past year's achievements and progress towards realizing the OCP's goals. This will include a status update for each action item and an indicators report showing how the city is performing on a number of key metrics over time.

KAMPLAN Snapshot 2022
KAMPLAN Indicators Report 2020 
KAMPLAN Indicators Report 2019 

KAMPLAN Implementation Strategy

The KAMPLAN Implementation Strategy outlines a set of action items that will help the City implement the goals and policies of KAMPLAN, Kamloops' Official Community Plan (OCP), turning its vision into reality. The strategy also provides a framework for annually monitoring and evaluating how well the City is doing in achieving the OCP's goals. This framework includes a set of indicators that will be measured and compared annually to show which areas of the plan are being addressed and performing well and which areas require further attention.

View the KAMPLAN Implementation Strategy here.