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Transportation Planning

Vision of Transportation in Kamloops

A transportation system in the city of Kamloops, consistent with the vision of KAMPLAN, that provides a diversite of safe, accessible, affordable, and sustainable travel choices for all that integrate well, are effective to use, promote healthy lifestyles, and support economic prosperity. 

The vision of transportation in Kamloops will be achieved by implementing strategic directions under the following six goals and their supporting objectives. The following Transportation Master Plan goals are aligned with the transportation goals within KAMPLAN:

  • Sustainable Transportation – Create an environmentally, socially, culturally, and economically sustainable transportation system.
  • Walking – Be a pedestrian-friendly community with networks that integrate with transit, neighbourhood amenities, parks, open space, and schools.
  • Bicycling – Provide safe and convenient bicycle routes suitable for commuting, recreating, and other daily trips.
  • Transit – Foster an efficient, affordable, safe, and accessible transit system that is an attractive alternative to the private vehicle and integrates with other transportation modes.
  • Goods and Emergency Services – Maintain and enhance the efficient movement of goods and emergency services.
  • Integrated Transportation System – Sustain the responsible planning and development of roads and transportation connections to facilitate the efficient movement of people.

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