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Tickets, Violations & Notices

Community Services Front Counter Services Has Moved

Effective Monday, June 20, 2022, most in-person services for Community Services will be relocated from Mission Flats Road to the North Shore Community Policing Office at 915 7th Street to provide increased service and accessibility to residents.  Read more.

Ticket Payment

Please note that tickets and notices are not payable at financial institutions. If you have received a parking ticket or violation notice, you have several payment options:

Disputing Tickets

To file a dispute, you need to fill out a dispute form at the Community Services Office at the North Shore Policing Office (915 7th Street). Please bring the following:

  • Valid driver's licence
  • Vehicle registration (you must be the owner of the vehicle that has been ticketed)

What Happens After Filing a Dispute

Providing all the information on the dispute form is correct the City of Kamloops will contact you by letter or summons depending on the type of violation. The information will advise you of your court date, the time and location of the court house.

Violations and Notices

Bylaw infraction warning notices are issued in several ways:

  • By phone
  • By mail
  • In person
  • By notice left on vehicle

The purpose of the warning notification is to advise you that a neighbour has a concern or that a Community Services Officer has noticed a problem as it relates to a specific bylaw.

There is no penalty attached to a warning notice it is simply to create an awareness, however the notice may include a compliance date whereby you would be required to do something by a certain date in order to comply with a bylaw.

This occurs more often with property maintenance issues and dog noise.

When Issued a Violation Notice

If you have received a notice of violation you should ask the issuing officer to:

  • Explain the charge
  • Explain how to dispute the notice or how to pay and where
  • Explain if there are time limits on disputing or paying
  • Explain the circumstance that warrant the issuing of a violation