Property Taxes

Property Taxes are due on Friday, July 2, 2021

Notices are mailed at the end of May. If you have not received your notice by the second week of June, please contact the Revenue Division at 250-828-3437 or

Deadline for all property taxes classes is July 2, 2021

Payment and penalty deadlines will return to normal for 2021, with property taxes for all classes due on July 2, 2021. A 10% penalty will be applied on July 3, 2021, to all outstanding balances. Residents are encouraged to pay on time to avoid a penalty. 

Please ensure that the City receives your payment by July 2, 2021, to avoid any penalties. Do you need help understanding your property tax notice? View a sample tax notice with descriptions

Click on a link below to discover available payment options, how to receive an ebill instead of a paper bill, and answers to our most frequently asked questions about property taxes.

Payment Options    FAQs   Learn about eBilling

PLEASE NOTE: A 10% penalty will be applied to all unpaid property tax balances on July 3, 2021.

Non-receipt of Tax Notice & Late Payment Penalties

Non-receipt of a tax notice does not excuse a property owner from payment. Past due payments and Home Owner Grant applications will be subject to a 10% penalty levied on July 3, 2021. Notices are mailed at the end of May. If you did not receive a tax notice, please contact the Revenue and Taxation Section. 

Notice to New Residential Property Owners

Property Tax Notices are mailed to registered owners in the last week of May. The property tax due date is the first business day after July 1. 

Best Practices:
There are a variety of ways to pay your property taxes. Remember to apply for your Home Owner Grant. Don't wait until the last minute as a 10% penalty applies to late payment of taxes. The City accepts post-dated cheques. 

Processing property tranfers, disabilities, and death, also take time and often require paperwork from other agencies. Keep in mind that many financial institutions base their business day on Eastern Standard Time. Play it safe and file early. 

Claiming your Home Owner Grant:
The Home Owner Grant (HOG) is a provincial subsidy program that reduces the amount of property tax you pay for your principal residence. Property owners must meet the eligibility requirements and complete an application form each year. Click here for ways to apply for your HOG. 

Late Payment Penalties:
Payment must be received by City Hall by the due date. Late payments are subject to a penalty without exception. Penalties are mandated by provincial legislation and are not discretionary. 

If You Did Not Receive a Property Tax Notice:
Not receiving a Property Tax Notice does not excuse the property owner for non-payment of taxes. If you have not received your notice by the second week of June, contact the Revenue Division at 250-828-3437 or

Recent Property Purchases:
You may NOT have received a property tax notice if you have recently purchased a property or you may have received a notice in the previous owner's name. The City does not make adjustments for taxes or utilities where a sale occurs. The standard practice is for conveyors acting on behalf of buyers and sellers of property to adjust for taxes and utilities on the sale or purchase of the property. 

When a Tax Notice is Not in Your Name:
If the tax notice is not in your name but you are the registered owner and you are eligible for the Home Owner Grant, you may still make a payment and apply for the grant. You will need to attach your FORM A Freehold Transfer (or a copy) to the grant application as proof of ownership. 

You may not be eligible to receive a grant this year if the current property taxes have been paid in full by the seller or of you have already claimed a Home Owner Grant on another property this year. 

You Recently Moved and Bank Online:
Property tax and utility accounts stay with the property and do not move with you. Make sure you update your online profile with your new account numbers. Otherwise, the payment(s) will be applied to your previous property tax/utility accounts. 

Tax Rate Summary
Provincial Tax Deferment Program

Tax deferment is a low interest loan program that helps qualified B.C. homeowners pay their annual property taxes on their principal residence. You may qualify for the the provincial prgram if you’re: 

  • 55 or older during the current year
  • a surviving spouse of any age, or
  • a person with disabilities
  • a parent, stepparent or financially supporting a child

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Apportionment Information for Developers and Strata Property Purchasers

Each year there are cases where new strata development plans do not get registered with the land title office by November 30 and therefore the tax notice is only issued to the developer for the parent property. Click here for information on the apportionment process which generates a separate tax notice for each strata unit and allows new owners, if eligible, to apply for a Home Owner Grant.