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City Newsletter

City Newsletter is a publication that is included with the quarterly utility bills. It features information and updates on things happening at the City that we want you to know about. 

In the Spring 2023 edition of the City Newsletter, Sign up for emergency alerts ahead of fire season, learn about expanded in-person tax payment hours and keep up-to-date on the fast approaching city-wide launch of curbside organic waste collection.

In the 


  • Winter 2023 - discover which new materials are now accepted in the City’s residential recycling bins, learn about our new period product initiative, have your say on the 2023 budget, and consider nominating someone for an Exemplary Service Award.
  • Fall 2022 - learn about the city-wide rollout of curbside organic waste collection, find a 2023 City Calendar pickup location near you, and explore creative ideas for Christmas gifts that involve less waste.
  • Summer 2022 - find everything you need to know about the upcoming municipal election, learn how to share your vision for the cultural direction of the city, and consider participating in the city calendar call for photos.
  • Spring 2022 - learn about the City’s new emergency alert service, find tips to better FireSmart your property, and read-up on how the pilot curbside organic waste collection program is going.
  • Winter 2022 - learn how to nominate someone for an Exemplary Service Award, estimate your 2022 property taxes, and have your say on the 2022 budget.
  • Fall 2021 - find out how to pre-order your 2022 City Calendar, find tips to stay safe during dark and cold winter months, and note the rate changes for solid waste collection.
  • Summer 2021 - find out about the pilot program for curbside organic waste collection, learn how to FireSmart your property, and participate in our current call for photos to get featured and win prizes!
  • Spring 2021 - discover several ways to provide input into the strategic directions for the North Shore Neighborhood Plan, learn how to report crime online, and find out what projects to watch out for in our upcoming construction season.
  • Winter 2021 - learn how to provide input on the design of a new residential curbside organic waste collection program, find out how to get the most out of your next home renovation, and check out the new and improved Canada Aquatic Games Centre.
  • Fall 2020 - learn about the City’s new Renovate Smart program, contribute to the conversation on Zoning Bylaw reviews and Community Climate Action planning, meet our new and improved City Map, and discover what the Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Recovery and Renewal has been up to throughout the pandemic.
  • Summer 2020 - Discover how you can provide input to both the North Shore Neighbourhood Plan and the Cemetery Master Plan and Bylaw Update, plus learn how to participate for a chance for your photo to be featured in the 2021 City Calendar. 
  • Spring 2020 - Read about the changes to the property tax deadlines and penalties in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, learn where your tax dollars go, how they are calculated, and more. 
  • Winter 2020 - Find out what the February 20 Public Budget Meeting is all about; learn about the Kamloops Centre for the Arts Referendum; read about the various ways to get in touch with the City; discover mobile apps that allow you to report issues, pay for parking by phone, and receive garbage day notifications; and more.
  • Fall 2019 - Find out what the November 27 Public Budget Meeting is all about, read about the various ways to get in touch with the City (for example, to report an issue or talk to Council), learn about safe asbestos removal practices, discover snow clearing facts, and more. 
  • Summer 2019 - Learn about how the City develops its budget, discover various ways to get in touch with the City (for example, to report an issue or talk to Council), find out about home energy rebates, and more. 
  • Spring 2019 - Learn about how property taxes are calculated and what affects the tax rate, read highlights of Council's Strategic Plan 2019-2022, and more.