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For information on spring freshet and river/creek flooding, click here

Drainage and Catch Basins

The Utilities Services Division oversees the City's complex drainage and flood protection system.

Catch basins, also called storm drains, are part of this City-wide system that helps manage snow melt, run-off and rain in Kamloops.

Keep Catch Basins Clear

Catch basins work to prevent flooding. When they get clogged with debris, they can back up and 
cause flooding. There are easy actions residents can take to help keep catch basins clear. Throughout the winter, spring and fall, residents are encouraged to keep their catch basins cleared of snow, ice, leaves, and other debris.

Following a snowfall, residents can also help by shoveling snow to the right of their driveways and before the curb (when facing the road), rather than shoveling snow onto the curb where ice can build up and block the system. In the spring and fall, residents are encouraged to remove debris such as leaves and twigs away from catch basins. 

Never Pour Anything Down a Catch Basin

Catch basins provide drainage for snow melt and storm water. Water that flows to catch basins is NOT piped to water treatment facilities to be treated before it returns to streams, rivers and other natural spaces. It is very important that residents do not place or pour anything into catch basins. The end result could cause water contamination and harm to natural areas.

Find the Catch Basin Nearest Your Home

Finding catch basins nearest homes is now easier thanks to a new mapping tool developed by the City. When residents click on this catch basin map, they can type in their address to see where the nearest catch basin is located on their street.

If you see a catch basin that is backed up, please call the City at 250-828-3461.

Find A Catch Basin

We all have a part to play in keeping drainage systems running optimally and helping to protect the environment.