Kamloops East Landscape

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Drone Use in Kamloops

Kamloops has experienced a steep rise in remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS)/drone uses in and around the city. Transport Canada regulates their use to keep the public and the airspace safe. RPAS/drones are aircraft, which makes you a pilot when you fly one, and you are sharing the skies with other RPAS/drones and possibly aircraft. Therefore, before you fly an RPAS/drone, make sure you understand the rules that apply and follow them. Please go to https://tc.canada.ca/en/aviation/drone-safety for more information regarding licensing and safe operation of drones.

RPAS Operations on City of Kamloops Property/Land

No recreational RPAS flights are permitted in City parks and trails due to: 

  • possible risks to visitors and maintenance staff
  • possible disturbance of wildlife
  • possible cause of negative experience for other parks and trails users
  • possible privacy and nuisance concerns.

The City of Kamloops recognizes that RPAS flights may be useful for needs such as official studies and surveys, commercial filming, and natural resource management. Please ensure that the appropriate City of Kamloops staff are aware of any such activity. If the intent is to produce a sequence for a film industry production, refer to the Filming Application Process and contact the Film Official.

The film permit holder or the RPAS/drone operator shall be responsible for any damage to the City's infrastructure or private property or injury to the public that occurs because of any incident.