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Kamloops Cenotaph Restoration | 2016

The Kamloops Cenotaph, located at Memorial Hill Park, 174-300 Battle St. Kamloops, was unveiled on May 24, 1925, and is one of only a few in Canada to feature a clock. The clock was purchased by the Ladies’ Auxiliary to the Great War Veterans Association from Benson’s of England at a cost of $1,063.00 in December of 1921. Today, we celebrate bringing back the functionality of the clock and restoring it to the way our forbearers intended.

The KMA and City of Kamloops is honoured to have been part of the Kamloops Cenotaph Restoration Project. The four clock dials and hands are installed and are currently in working order. The Cenotaph has been cleaned with renewed masonry work; we’ve installed new stone pavers, walkways, and fencing; and we've repaired adjoining concrete with the pleasant addition of in-ground lighting and landscaping.

The City of Kamloops is thankful for the overflowing support from our local community and all those who have been part of this initiative. Thank you to Veterans Affairs Canada for their $25,000 contribution towards this project, the venerable Royal Canadian Legion Branch 52, our finest serving with the Rocky Mountain Rangers, and the industrious Kamloops Powdered Coatings Company for their contributions toward this project as well. A thank you to a local resident, in particular, who generously donated $50,000 toward this project, demonstrating true civic care for our community, and for providing his expertise and knowledge for the care of the historic and new clock.

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