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RCMP Services

New tool makes reporting less serious crimes easier for residents

Kamloops residents have a new way to report less serious crimes—online. Kamloops RCMP has launched an online crime reporting website that allows people to generate a report and file number for crimes including where:

  • you have lost something that costs less than $5000
  • someone has stolen something from you that costs less than $5000
  • someone has vandalized your property or vehicle and it will cost less than $5000 to repair it
  • the crime happened within the jurisdiction of the Kamloops RCMP
  • you want to report a driving complaint that is not in progress; complaints include speeding, distracted driving, or failing to follow road signs or signals
  • your licence plates or decals are lost or stolen

The online crime reporting website will not be able to create a file if:

  • you have a witness to or suspect for the crime you are reporting
  • lost or stolen item(s) involves personal identity or firearms

Report Crime Online

This new, efficient way to report less serious crimes provides citizens with the file numbers they may need in circumstances of lost or stolen property and allows RCMP front-line staff to focus on higher-priority issues to ultimately improve response times, which will improve the safety of our community.

To report a crime through the online tool, residents need to provide an address, phone number, and valid email address. The process typically takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

For immediate police assistance, please call 9-1-1.

The City of Kamloops is responsible for providing personnel support to the RCMP, and there are approximately 65 municipal employees working in various positions to support the RCMP with its policing mandate. 

The Community Policing office at 915 7th Street delivers crime prevention and community safety programs for the entire community, which provides an important link between the city's police force and the community. In addition to general policing, this station houses the Kamloops RCMP's Auxiliary Constable Program and the Crime Prevention Section, which operates the Restorative Justice, Crime Watch, and Speed Watch programs, among others.