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We Welcome the World

When you stay in Kamloops you'll find a welcoming environment and an exciting, easy-going city rich in history, culture, sport, and relaxation. 

Choose from over 50 top-rate accommodations. Enjoy live music at a neighborhood café or dine by candlelight. Explore our unique shops, galleries, and museums during the day, followed by an evening at the theatre or symphony. Or simply relax and enjoy the warmth of our people and our unhurried lifestyle. 

Whatever your budget, taste or needs are, Kamloops will make your experience unforgettable. 

Explore the Region

The Thompson Okanagan is famous for its orchards, vineyards, skiing, golf, deserts, mountains, valleys, and everything in between. 

In November 2017, the Thompson Okanagan Region was officially certified as the first destination in the Americas to have successfully achieved the Sustainable Tourism Destination accreditation from Biosphere International and the Responsible Tourism Institute. Learn more about what that means at

Kamloops is also a great location for driving and motorcycle tours due to the meeting of so many different major highways, and so many beautiful touring routes in the area. For more information on driving tours around Kamloops visit

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