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Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act

Freedom of Information Guidelines

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act) helps promote good city government by balancing the following principles:

Freedom of Information (FOI)

Whenever possible, information held by the City of Kamloops should be available to the public.

Protection of Privacy

The City of Kamloops should not improperly collect or disclose personal information.

Requesting Information

There are two ways to request information from the City. The first is to make an informal request. Since almost all of the City's information is available through routine channels, you should always start by making an informal request to the department that you feel has jurisdiction or by calling the City's central switchboard at 250-828-3311.

The second way to request information is to make an FOI request. FOI requests are intended to be an avenue of last resort. You should only make an FOI request when the information is not available through routine channels.


Authorization for Release of Information & Records  FOI Request for Access to RecordsIncident Report Request Application (KFR)


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