Trees, Plants, and Gardens

When selecting plants, trees, or shrubs, consider the following factors to ensure you have the right plan for the right site. Doing so provides and advantage over pest problems.

Water Requirements

In our semi-arid climate, drought tolerant plants thrive. There are many beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers with low water requirements. Plants which have adapted to our climate are usually more pest resistant.

Cold Hardiness

Most plants are given a hardiness rating according to temperature zones, with Zone 1 being the coldest to Zone 8 being the mildest (in Canada). Our Kamloops climate ranges between Zone 3 at its highest levels, to Zone 6 at the valley bottom.

Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Within these zones there are areas known as micro-climates, where the climate differs from the surrounding area. Hedges, walls, and fencing may offer protection that can alter growing conditions.


Whether an area is sunny or shady, windy or protected, exposure will determine what plants will flourish where.

Landscape Value

Try to plan for year round interest and enjoyment by considering more than just flowers. Think about the colour and texture of leaves, bark, and fruit, along with overall branching and shape of various plants.


Plants vary in the amount of care required to keep them looking attractive. Select plants that realistically meet your gardening time constraints.


Plant for mature size, do not prune for size.

Tree Coupon Program

The Tree Coupon program supports the City's goal of increasing our community's tree canopy to 20% from the current 12% as identified in its Urban Forestry Management Strategy. Urban trees provide many social, health, environmental and economic benefits, from removing atmospheric carbon dioxide and absorbing air pollutants, to reducing energy consumption and increasing property values.

This program is one effort to encourage residential homeowners to participate in the achievement of that goal. We need more trees throughout our community to benefit from all of the services that trees provide.

2021 Tree Coupons Sold Out

A total of 750 coupons were made available on a first-come, first-served basis, with a limit of one coupon per household. All coupons have been claimed. Coupons allowed residents to receive either a $20 or $50 discount, depending on the price of the tree.

Pickup Details

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, coupons will not be available for pickup at City facilities. Coupons will be available at participating nurseries as of April 1, 2021. Coupons are only available at the time of purchase of an eligible tree and cannot be picked up at one store and used at another store. Coupons also cannot be picked up for use at a later date. 

Residents will need to supply proof of address in the form of a driver’s licence, City of Kamloops utility statement, or property tax statement.

Participating Retailers

Coupons are available at the following participating locations, for use before June 16, 2021:

  • Agri Supply
  • Art Knapp Plantland
  • Canadian Tire - Aberdeen
  • Canadian Tire - North Shore
  • Country Garden Greenhouses & Nursery
  • Home Depot
  • Lyons Garden and Landscape Centre
  • Purity Feed Co.

Special thanks to our participating nurseries and retailers who work hard to handle the flurry of coupons, guide customers in appropriate tree selection, and provide billing for reimbursement.

Eligible Trees

Be sure the tree you select qualifies for the tree coupon! Your tree must meet one of the following qualifications:

  • ornamental tree that is reasonably expected to grow to an approximate mature height of at least 4.5m (15ft)—this excludes hedge cedars or other hedge vegetation.
  • fruit tree of any size
Terms and Conditions
  • Limit of one tree per property within City of Kamloops municipal boundary (see map).
  • The redemption value is $20 towards an eligible tree purchase with a subtotal less than $100, or $50 towards an eligible tree purchase with a subtotal of $100 or more
  • The coupon does not cover tax for the purchase of the tree(s). All tax must be paid by the coupon bearer.
  • Coupons are valid for the purchase of trees only.
  • The coupons are not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  • Tree will be planted on applicant’s private property, not on public property.
  • Careful tree selection, planting, and maintenance are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • The City of Kamloops is not responsible for plant material warranties.
  • The City of Kamloops, or its authorized representative, may conduct a brief follow-up survey by way of email, phone call, or site visit.
  • Identification of all utility and underground service locations are the responsibility of the applicant. Please contact BC 1 Call ( and Dig Shaw ( to confirm location of underground utilities.
Tree Pruning Tips

Topping trees is a growing problem and is not recommended. Stub ends are a sign of poor pruning and destroys the health and beauty of the tree. The tree retaliates by producing an uruly crop of weakly-attached watersprouts, prone to disease and breakage. Disease enters through the stub ends, making the tree short-lived and even bulkier looking than before, resulting in re-pruning. 

Protect your investment with proper pruning.

Prune it Right! Here's How:
  • Make mostly thinning cuts. Remove branches right back to the parent branch or trunk.
  • Avoid creating stub ends.
  • Make your cuts just outside the branch collar (a slight thickening where the branch joins its parent branch or trunk). Flush cuts destroy the tree's defense zone.
  • Remove no more than 20% of the green.
Four Easy Steps to Prune Right
  1. Remove dead, damaged, or diseased branches.
  2. Remove suckers and watersprouts.
  3. Remove badly placed branches that are crossing or rubbing each other, growing into the centre of tree or branches that are growing into walkways, roadways, or buildings.
  4. If desired, trim slender branch tips a few inches, to a bud or parent branch