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Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Did you know? Provincial and federal sales targets regulations will require all new passenger vehicles sold in BC to be zero emissions by 2035. Each year automakers are introducing more EV models with ever-increasing driving ranges, which means there is likely already an EV that is right for you. View this brochure from EmotivBC to see a list of available EVs in BC.

Types of Electric Vehicles

  • Battery EV (BEV) - Uses electricity to power a 100% electric motor and battery
  • Plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV) - Uses an electric motor and battery with support of a gas engine
  • Fuel cell vehicle (FCV) - Powered by oxygen and compressed hydrogen

With the market for EVs growing, so is the number of local drivers who own an EV. We've profiled one such Kamloops EV-owner in the video below. Rena shares what she loves about owning and driving an EV!