Housing and Homelessness

The City of Kamloops has a vision for our community where housing is available and affordable to all residents. The City supports the availability of diverse housing options that enable people from all walks and stages of life to locate and secure housing that is safe, affordable, and appropriate. To that end, the City continues to work as a steward, facilitator, investor, and communicator to increase the housing supply across the housing continuum throughout Kamloops.

Over the last several years, the City has established opportunities for the not-for-profit sector to increase the affordable housing inventory, including adopting policies within the Official Community Plan that support these efforts, and rezoning land for affordable housing. Additionally, BC Housing has played an important role in investing in housing, and the not-for-profit sector is successfully operating affordable housing in Kamloops. 

Kamloops Housing Needs Assessment

Similar to many communities in BC, Kamloops is experiencing housing pressures due to changing demographics and market trends. To better understand the current housing climate and identify future housing needs, the City of Kamloops is preparing a comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment.

This assessment will include a review of the existing housing supply in Kamloops across the entire housing continuum, help us learn where gaps or barriers may exist, and identify future housing needs. It will provide important information and data to help us better address and prioritize future housing needs for all residents.

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The Housing Continuum

The Housing Continuum