Home Energy Retrofit

Home Energy Retrofits

Considering renovating your home? About one-third of homeowners in Kamloops will complete some form of renovation this year; however, despite the many benefits and available incentives, few will include energy retrofits with their renovations.  A renovation that includes installing new windows and adding additional insulation could save 18% off your energy bill; a deep retrofit that improves the thermal performance of your home's external walls could save as much as 80%!

Why Energy Retrofits?

  • save money
  • increase comfort (less temperature swings)
  • increase sound proofing
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions

To learn more about the benefits of energy efficient technologies view this guide of the key features of energy efficient products.

Rebates and Incentive Programs

The Better Homes Program will help you find rebates for home improvements that will save energy, save money, and lower your greenhouse gas emissions. You could receive over $10,000 in rebates—find available incentives.

If you are planning a home energy retrofit the best place to start is with an EnerGuide Home Energy Assessment from and Energy Advisor. The Province and the City of Kamloops have teamed up to provide $350 off the initial EnerGuide Assessment. Find a local Energy Advisor.

Your Home Energy Assessment will provide you with a wealth of information about your home and give you all that you need to plan your home energy retrofit.

Free Energy Coaching Services

When you have questions about incentives, knowledgeable energy coaches are available by phone and email to help you make decisions. Call 1-844-881-9790 or visit the Better Homes Program to get in touch with an Energy Coach.

Draft Proofing
Are you doing home renovations? Consider draft-proofing. DIY work is unfortunately not eligible for provincial and utility incentives. However, this does does not mean that your home renovation shouldn’t include improvements in home energy efficiency. Draft-proofing (improving airtightness) is a great DIY project, and if you pay attention to detail as shown in this guide, you can dramatically improve the comfort and efficiency of your home.
Renovation Contractor Survey

The City is developing a program to encourage homeowners to increase their home’s energy efficiency by including efficiency upgrades in their existing renovation plans and/or by motivating them to initiate a new efficiency project.

The results of this survey will help with program development in several ways:

  • define local market segments to target program participation
  • understand how contractors communicate existing incentive programs to clients
  • understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted companies involved in home renovations

The survey is now closed. Results will be posted this Fall.