Home Energy Retrofit

Home Energy Retrofits

Considering renovating your home? About one-third of homeowners in Kamloops will complete some form of renovation this year; however, despite the many benefits and available incentives, few will include energy retrofits with their renovations.  A renovation that includes installing new windows and adding additional insulation could save 18% off your energy bill; a deep retrofit that improves the thermal performance of your home's external walls could save as much as 80%!

Why Energy Retrofits?

  • save money
  • increase comfort (less temperature swings)
  • increase sound proofing
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions

To learn more about the benefits of energy efficient technologies view this guide of the key features of energy efficient products.

Rebates and Incentive Programs

The Better Homes Program will help you find rebates for home improvements that will save energy, save money, and lower your greenhouse gas emissions. You could receive up to $10,000 in rebates. Expand the sections below for a list of available rebates.

Available Rebates as of May 2019
Individual UpgradesRebate
Insulations (attic, basement, crawlspace, exterior wall, cavity/sheathing)Up to $5,500
ENERGYSTAR® windows or doorsUp to $3,000
Air source heat pumpUp to $3,000
Natural gas ENERGYSTAR® furnanceUp to $700
Natural gas ENERGYSTAR® boiler$500
Electric heat pump water heater$1,000
Natural gas water heaterUp to $1,000
EnerChoice® fireplace$300 per


Bonus and Special Offers
As of May 2019
Two Upgrade Bonus

Install any two of the Individual Upgrades (above) and receive a $300 bonus.

Upgrades must be completed within 18 months of each other.

Home Energy Improvement Bonus*

Install any three of the Individual Upgrades (above) and receive $20 per %GJ change based on your EnerGuide report. Maximum rebate of $2,000. Pre- and post-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation required.  

Upgrades must be completed within 18 months of the pre-upgrade EnerGuide Home Evaluation.

EnerGuide Home Evaluation Rebate*$300 for completing a pre- and post-upgrade EnerGuide Home Evaluation plus a $150 top up for residents of the City of Kamloops.  Total rebate of $450.

*Rebate is funded in part by the Province of British Columbia, Governement of Canada, and City of Kamloops.

Free Energy Coaching Services

Not sure where to start? Knowledgeable energy coaches are available by phone and email to help you make decisions about your home energy improvement project. Call 1-844-881-9790 or visit the Better Homes Program to get in touch with an Energy Coach.

Energy Advisors
A home energy evaluation will help you learn the best energy retrofit options available for your home, and how to work energy efficiency retrofits into your renovation plans. You could be eligible to receive a $300 home EnerGuide evaluation rebate from the Better Homes program. Kamloops residents are eligible for an additonal $150 rebate provided by the City of Kamloops.
Not ready to hire an energy advisor? Visit BCHousing.org and search residential design to discover great resources to learn about the options to improve the energy efficiency of your home.
Home Energy Retrofit Survey

Thank you to all of the people who participated in the City of Kamloops Home Energy Retrofit Survey. The results can be downloaded here. This survey was conducted to help us to better understand your renovation priorities as a homeowner. Our work to develop a community retrofit strategy continues. If you would like to participate, please send us an email at sustainable@kamloops.ca.