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Advanced Lifeguard Courses

Building Safe Communities

Whether you are interested in learning lifesaving for your backyard pool or first aid for your job we have courses to meet your need. The City of Kamloops offers the highest quality courses in state-of-the-art facilities.

Become a Lifeguard

We want to help you through the process of lifeguard training. View our recommended Lifeguard path. We are an affiliate of the Lifesaving Society BC & Yukon. All our instructors are certified and passionate about teaching. The courses below are listed in the recommended order.

Bronze Star 

This course is for students who are interested in practicing lifesaving skills before taking on Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross. Students are aged 11-15 years old. Not a required course.

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Bronze Medallion

Forms the basis of lifesaving by teaching the four components of water rescue: judgement, knowledge, skill and fitness. Must be 13 years old or have completed Bronze Star.

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Bronze Cross

Bronze Cross is designed for lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced training, including an introduction to safety supervision. This course also prepares candidates for responsibilities as Assistant Lifeguards. The prerequisite is Bronze Medallion.

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Standard First Aid

Standard First Aid is a WorkSafeBC Occupational Level 1 equivalent and can be used in the workplace. This course includes comprehensive training and covers all aspects of first aid, CPR and AED use. Must be 13 years old.

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National Lifeguard

This certification emphasizes the lifeguarding skills, principles and practices, and the decision-making process which will assist the lifeguard to provide effective safety supervision in swimming pool environments. Must be 15 years old and have Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid.

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Swim & Lifesaving Instructor

We believe this combined instructor course is the most efficient way to learn. Students learn how to teach Lifesaving Society programs from Swim for Life, Canadian Swim Patrol and Bronze Courses. Must be 15 years old and have Bronze.

View Swim & Lifesaving Instructor Courses

Additional Information

Candidates must be of the required age by the last day of the course. All candidates must present proof of age and required certifications at the start of the course. When a Bronze Star, Medallion, and Cross are listed as a requirement they do not need to be current.