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Residential Suites

Residential suites contribute to the city’s rental housing stock and can act as mortgage helpers by making home ownership more attainable. Suites built to BC Building Code standards under a building permit help to protect the health and safety of homeowners and tenants, and suites built in accordance with zoning regulations help to minimize their impact on neighbourhoods. Residential suites also help increase density in an efficient and sustainable way by making use of existing services and infrastructure.

To make it easier for homeowners to build legal and safe residential suites, the City has updated its Zoning Bylaw to allow secondary suites  and garden suites  in more urban areas, and also developed the following educational materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guide to Residential Suites

A user-friendly guide that includes information on types of suites, where they are permitted, zoning and parking regulations, the process to build a new suite or to legalize an existing one, and answers to commonly asked questions. 

Guide to Residential Suites 

Secondary Suite Construction Requirements

A summary of technical construction requirements within the BC Building Code for secondary suites.

Secondary Suite Construction Requirements Guide

Residential Suite Registry 

An interactive map that shows the location of legal residential suites (suites constructed under a building permit and in accordance with zoning regulations). Homeowners with a legal residential suite can use this tool to stand out in the rental market. Tenants looking for places to rent can use the map to see if a suite is legal and built to BC Building Code requirements under a building permit. 

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