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North Shore Neighbourhood Plan

The North Shore Neighbourhood Plan is an update to the 2008 plan of the same name. Its purpose is to provide neighbourhood-level direction to guide decisions related to planning and land use management for North Kamloops, Brocklehurst, and the Airport Lands over a 20-year time frame.

Since the 2008, the North Shore has experienced population growth, demand for new development, and pressure for expanded community and social services. The updated plan addresses these needs and ensures growth and development in the area is aligned with the goals and vision of KAMPLAN which was revised in 2018.

Adopted in 2022, the North Shore Neighbourhood Plan provides a framework for the location and types of housing, shops, offices, and other forms of development and land uses that are envisioned for the area and gives guidance on what buildings and private and public spaces should look like. The plan also provides direction on what parks; community facilities; plazas and public spaces; and the future road, transit, and active transportation networks within the plan area should look like.

The North Shore Neighbourhood Plan includes:

  • a community vision and guiding principles for the North Shore
  • neighbourhood context and profiles
  • key directions and policies to guide land use planning
  • goals, objectives, and polities for 13 Character Areas and eight Vision Areas
  • "Big Moves" as potential ideas to realize the plan's vision
  • action items to support implementation
  • design guidelines to regulate the form and character of development
  • maps and a glossary of key terms

Related Information and Documents

For more information on the engagement process and community input that helped to develop the North Shore Neighbourhood Plan, please refer to the Let's Talk web page, or the document provided below.