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Development Applications & Resources

Current Development Applications

All development applications that are currently in review are available for review on our interactive map

Types of Development Applications

Pre-Application Meetings and Discussions

Before you get started, please contact Planning & Development at 250-828-3561 or to arrange a pre-application meeting and/or discuss your development plans. To assist with review and discussions, site plans and conceptual or preliminary design drawings should be provided prior to meetings or discussions. We’ll take a look at your concept plans and guide you toward which steps may be required, the development process, and provide you with better understanding of any design considerations. The pre-application review process may also provide a coordinated response from appropriate City departments regarding any major issues determined from the preliminary concept plans and proposed development description.

Average Processing Times

Application TypeAverage Processing Time
Rezoning10-12 weeks
Official Community Plan Amendment10-12 weeks
Development Permit4-6 weeks
Development Variance Permit8-10 weeks
Preliminary Development Proposal Review~4 weeks
Sign Permit1 week
ALR ApplicationsPlease inquire
SubdivisionsPlease inquire

Note: These time frames only represent an average processing time. Depending upon the complexity of an application, volume of applications in receipt, and staffing levels, these time frames may be extended.

Development and Land Use Application Fees

Application fees for rezoning, Official Community Plan amendments, development variance permits, development permits, land use contract amendments, temporary use permits, heritage tax incentive program, board of variance, revitalization tax exemption, subdivision, property information requests, covenant discharge and amendments, liquor licence permits, and retail cannabis sales licence permits are in accordance with the Development and Land Use Application Fees Bylaw.

Public Open House

Public open houses are recommended for land use bylaw amendments such as rezoning applications for commercial, industrial, or multiple-family developments (eight units or greater) located within 100 m of land zoned for residential use.

A public open house provides the applicant with an opportunity to engage with residents in the surrounding area by providing information on the proposal, discussing and answering any related questions, and obtaining feedback so that potential issues or concerns can be identified and addressed before the application goes to Council.

Please see the Guide to Hosting a Public Open House for details.