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Royal Avenue Lots for Sale

5 lots on Royal Avenue in Kamloops, BC

Notice of Proposed Property Disposition [per section 26 of the Community Charter, S.B.C. 2003, c.26]

Deadline for submission of offers is 1:00 pm on August 19, 2022. 

Located on the Rivers Trail between McArthur Island and MacDonald Park, these serviced lots are ready for construction. Structural fill has been placed on the buildable footprint to accommodate construction to the 1:20 year flood plain. 

Details for each property and instructions for making an offer are listed below.

Property Information


*These FAQs are intended to provide summary information only and all details should be independently verified. Please refer to all title documents and available reports located on this web page. 

Process for Making an Offer

The City of Kamloops (the City) has received unprecedented interest in these lots and is anticipating multiple offer scenarios. The City has invested significantly in the purchase and development of these lots and intends to accept those offers that are most advantageous to the interests of the City. Offers shall be submitted in the following Contract of Purchase and Sale (CPS) formats:

How to Make an Offer
Contact Information

Sales Contact: Tanya Chapman, Real Estate Coordinator, 250-828-3775