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Flowbird Parking App

Flowbird is an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile parking application that allows you to pay for your parking sessions remotely through your mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. There is no user fee for this service.

Flowbird uses GPS locations to automatically identify your location. Simply select the parking location nearest to your vehicle. The system will indicate a green pin for lot parking or a pink pin for street parking. Once the location has been selected, select the duration and confirm payment. The instinctual process of using a “virtual wheel” on the touch screen makes paying for parking a breeze! 

The benefits of using the Flowbird app include the following:

  • receiving notifications before time expiry
  • option to extend the parking time to avoid a ticket
  • ease of changing vehicle and credit card information
  • registering multiple vehicles under one user
  • updating privacy notification settings
  • ability to view parking history and billing statements
  • secure payment

There are no additional fees to using the app. The rate is the same as at the kiosks and the app is free to download.

It is recommended that parking be paid for as soon as possible to avoid a ticket. Parking payment hours, rates, and timelines for street and lot parking have not changed with the introduction of this service.

Visit your app store to download the Flowbird parking app for iPhone, Android, or Windows Desktop.

For app support, visit the Flowbird Mobile Parking App site.

Disclaimer: Flowbird is a third-party application and is not operated by the City of Kamloops. By using the application, the user is agreeing/consenting to the Flowbird Terms of Service.