An information rich document designed to get you up and running. 
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Committee Appointments

Various committees and the Council members who sit on them. 
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Council Agendas

Guiding document for all Council meetings. 
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Council Minutes

Official recorded record of proceedings and decisions made at Council meetings. 
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Council Procedure Bylaw

Govern the proceedings of Council, commissions, and all committees, as applicable. 
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Council Strategic Plan 2015 - 2018

A leadership document developed by current City Council which identifies the vision, values, and service principles for the City as well as summarizes past achievements. 
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Council Policies

Policies that have been adopted (and in some cases, amended) by the City Council over a number of years. 
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Annual Report

According to Section 98 of the Community Charter, the report must contain: 
A. audited financial statements, 
B. report on permissive tax exemptions, 
C. report on municipal services and operations for previous year, 
D. statement of objectives and measures for this year and next year. 
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British Columbia Royal Canadian Mounted Police - BC Elected Officials Guide

A document produced by the BC RCMP Communication Services Operations Strategy Branch to provide Elected Officials with information and statistics regarding RCMP operations and structure. 
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Law created by the local government to meet the needs of citizens and resolve issues. Bylaws apply within the city limits. 
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City Website

Public access to City information and records. 
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Community Charter

Provincial legislation that provides municipalities and their councils with legal framework for powers, duties, and functions, authority and discretion to address existing and future community needs, and the flexibility to determine public interest of their communities. 
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Local Government Act

Establishes the legal framework for regional districts and contains other important local government authorities, such as elections and planning and land use. 
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Local Government Leadership Academy

The Local Government Leadership Academy mission is to provide local government and First Nations elected officials and senior administrators with comprehensive, timely and dedicated leadership development opportunities throughout their terms of office/employment in the interest of improving governance at the local level. 
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Official Community Plan (OCP)

The OCP provides the longer term vision for the community. Under the Local Government Act section 875, an OCP is a statement of objectives and policies to guide decisions on planning and land use management, within the area covered by the plan, respecting the purposes of local government. 
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Southern Interior Local Government Association

The Southern Interior Local Government Association (SILGA) is comprised of elected officials from 37 cities, towns, villages, districts and regional districts in South Central British Columbia. This association is a body formed for the purposes of representing in one organization, the various Municipalities and Regional Districts of the BC Southern Interior. 
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Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) Fact Sheets

The UBCM Fact Sheets is a publication for our members which provides easy-to-read and easy-to-understand information on local government operations. Subjects include the role and powers of elected officials, taxation, planning process, policing, and bylaws. The Fact Sheets are updated every 3 years. 
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Zoning Bylaw

The City's Zoning By-law regulates the location and use of buildings, the use of lands, the height of structures, areas for open spaces, etc. 
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Council Meeting Webcast

One year of archived Council Meeting video recordings. 
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Making Kamloops Shine Video

The City mission statement is 'Making Kamloops Shine'. A video was created to capture the essence of this mission statement. 
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Tournament Capital Video

To capture the spirit of why we are “Canada’s Tournament Capital.” 
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Agriculture Area Plan

To establish updated and more defined policies that will protect and promote local agriculture and encourage sustainable agricultural practices. 
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Airshed Management Plan

Ensuring that citizens have healthy air to breathe by meeting or exceeding Canada-wide standards and provincial air quality objectives; 
· Ensuring maintenance of good air quality and improvements to air quality where feasible throughout the community/region; 
· Educating and informing the community on local air quality issues: and 
· Leading by example by changing behaviour as needed to protect air quality 
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Bicycle Master Plan

Focuses on future investments into key areas of cycling infrastructure and to guide capital investment. 
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Corporate Energy and Emissions Management Plan

To be a living document guiding the direction and actions necessary to achieve the corporate energy reduction goals outlined in the Sustainable Kamloops Plan. 
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Cultural Strategic Plan

A strategy for cultural development in Kamloops by encouraging growth and development of arts organizations and companies, promotion and marketing, encouraging cultural tourism and education. 
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Five Year Financial Plan

To present the financial plan for the City of Kamloops over the next five years. There are four budgets that tie this plan together. They are the general operating, water, sewer, and capital budgets, which direct City revenues and expenditures. 
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Homelessness Action Plan

An attempt to build on past successes and establish a road map for future victories in the battle against homelessness. 
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Integrated Stormwater Management Plan

Sets the frame work and goals for managing stormwater and mitigating the impacts of urban drainage City wide. The plan integrates the high level technical engineering issues with policy, financial, development, and environmental considerations. Provides direction on goals and objectives for implementing watershed/neighbourhood level plans to deal with specific stormwater management issues for various areas around the City. 
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Liquid Waste Management Plan

A guiding document that allowed Kamloops to develop community-specific solutions for wastewater management that meet or exceed existing regulations. Outlines commitments for extending sanitary sewer service to other parts of the municipality, endorses the treatment used for the recent upgrades at KSTC, enables use of spray irrigation as a disposal method at Cinnamon Ridge Farms, as well as sets the goal posts for commitments on stormwater management. 
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Neighbourhood Plans

Steered by the OCP, Neighbourhood Plans guide growth and development in specific neighbourhoods throughout the City. 
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Parks Master Plan

To provide a framework for decisions related to parkland, park development, outdoor recreation, and park management over the next 10 years. 
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Pedestrian Master Plan

Provides a comprehensive approach toward identifying pedestrian needs and deficiencies, examining optional improvements and prioritizing implementation strategies to develop safe and efficient pedestrian network. 
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Public Engagement Policy and Handbook

To establish a concerted plan to engage Kamloops citizens, businesses, and stakeholders in City of Kamloops planning and policy making. This handbook provides definitions and guiding principles of public engagement followed by practical tools for implementation. 
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Social Plan

To enhance the well-being of Kamloops residents. The priorities and actions in this plan have some significant common themes under seven main categories include: housing and homelessness; Safe places, alternative transportation, and environmental health; youth issues; Aboriginal community; building social agencies and community capacity; children and families; and health and addictions. 
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Statement of Financial Information (SOFI)

A Public Accounts report prepared in compliance with the Financial Information Act. Contains a statement of assets and liabilities, operational statement, schedule of debts, schedule of guarantee and indemnity agreements, schedule showing remuneration and expenses paid to or on behalf of employees and schedule showing payments for suppliers of goods or services. 
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Sustainable Kamloops Plan

A comprehensive framework for implementing a progressive, 40-year vision for a sustainable city. Developed in collaboration with residents, stakeholders, staff, and Council and contains numerous measures of success, as well as priority sub plans and initiatives to help achieve sustainability. Sustainability in Kamloops is ”about living well but within our means and considering the social, economic, and environmental impacts of everything we do. 
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Trails Master Plan

To provide a framework for decisions related to trails within the City of Kamloops park lands. 
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Transit Future Plan

Envisions Kamloops’ transit network 25 years from now and describes what services, infrastructure and investments are needed to get there. 
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