529 Garage

529 Garage Anti-Bike Theft Application

529 Garage is a comprehensive bike registry and recovery system that deters bike theft, increases the likelihood that stolen bikes will be returned to its owners and provides an investigative tool for the police to identify stolen bikes.

Registrants create online profiles with photos of their bike and serial number on the 529 Garage application and receive a Shield ID to place on their bike frame. These tamper proof decals are issued at the North Shore Community Policing Office (915 7th Street) to Kamloops residents with proof of 529 Garage registration.

Volunteers are utilized to assist the RCMP with running bicycle registration and information events.  

Learn More

    Help Police and the Biking Community Defend Against Bike Theft by:

    1. Registering your bike with 529 Garage bike registry for free—it only takes five minutes!
    2. Note your bike serial number, make, model, colour, and any other descriptors which would aid in bike recovery (add to 529 Garage registration).
    3. Take pictures of your bike and keep your purchase receipt in a safe place.
    4. Get a 529 Garage shield and place on your bike to deter thieves.
    5. Secure and lock your bike properly.
    How to register your bike

    There are three ways you can register your bike with 529 Garage.

    1. Kamloops residents can register online by clicking here.
    2. Alternatively, you can download the mobile app on iTunes (Apple) or Google Play (Android).
    3. Register in person at a 529 Garage bike registration event hosted by Crime Prevention volunteers at various events through out the year.
    What to do if your bike is stolen
    1. Report bike theft to the RCMP as soon as possible completing the online report form or by calling RCMP Non-Emergency at (250) 828-3000—write down the police file number for your case.
    2. Add your police file number to your 529 Garage account.  
    3. Send out an alert on the 529 Garage application by selecting the bike from your garage and clicking missing bike alert—after a few questions, the alert will push out to the 529 network about your stolen bike (the sooner you report, the better chance there is for recovery).
    4. Post a quality picture of your stolen bike on local social media sites to get the word out that your bike has been stolen—the more people looking, the better.
    5. Watch for your bike on online sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, and Facebook Marketplace.
    6. If you find your bike online, in the community, or receive a tip about your bike's location, phone the RCMP Non-Emergency number to provide details to police – NEVER attempt to recover a stolen bike without police involvement, you may get injured and the bike may not be yours.
    Lock it right tips
    • NEVER rely on a cable lock as a primary means to secure your bike—they are easily defeated in seconds.
    • NEVER lock only the tube of the bike—a thief may damage your bike trying to twist the lock apart, or can ride away if they defeat the lock.
    • NEVER lock only a wheel—thieves will quickly remove it, attach a stolen wheel and ride away on your bike.
    • NEVER leave your bike lock up outdoors overnight—any lock can be defeated with enough time and the right tools.
    • NEVER leave your bike unlocked in your garage, bike cage, balcony, or on your car—about a quarter of stolen bikes are taken from these locations.
    Bike Theft Facts
    • Bike theft is a $500 million annual epidemic in North America—a bike is stolen every 30 seconds.
    • Thousands of recovered bikes go to auction each year in BC because the police cannot identify the owners.
    • Stolen bikes are often used to commit secondary crimes such as vehicle theft and break and enters.
    • Most bikes parked outdoors are not secured properly.
    • About 20% of bikes are stolen from indoor locations, often unlocked.

    Disclaimer: 529 Garage is a third-party application and is not operated by the City of Kamloops. By using the application, the user is agreeing/consenting to the 529 Garage Terms of Service.