New Video Showcases City Council's Priorities

Kamloops City Council wants to highlight its vision of "bold leadership for a strong, inclusive, and healthy community".

That's why, to reach a wider audience on expanded platforms, the City produced a short video that brings highlights of the printed strategic plan to life. Mayor Ken Christian stars in and narrates the dynamic video.

"My fellow Councillors and I worked diligently to develop this new strategic plan that will guide our efforts over the next four years. We want the entire community to know what we stand for and what we are committed to, in our efforts to serve our community the best we can," said Christian.

"Traditionally, City Council's strategic plan has been a printed document only. While it has always been available to the public, we wanted a new way to share our vision and our priorities with Kamloopsians young and old. That means keeping up with the ability to reach all demographics through multiple mediums, including a video that we can share on social media," he added.

The video features the Mayor in different locations around the city as he speaks to the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan's pillars of Vibrant Economy, Livability, Environmental Leadership, and Governance and Accountability. Christian specifically highlights several key areas of focus within each pillar, to give the audience a tangible sense of how Council's work is connected to City operations and the community at large.

Click here to view the video on You Tube.

You can also view the video and find the full 2019–2022 Council Strategic Plan at