CityMap just got better!

The City of Kamloops has recently launched CityMap, the City’s public property-focused online map, with a new, more streamlined interface and added functionality. Users will find in-app links to related interactive maps, connecting even more data in one convenient location. There is also an enhanced imagery viewer that provides at-an-angle aerial photography of the ground from multiple vantage points. The new interface should make it even easier to access and use the City’s property reports.

“Maps are tools that provide access to data in an easy to digest and relevant format,” explained Adam Chadwick, the City’s GIS Manager. “The City collects a great deal of data in order to manage and maintain city services, and we make that data publicly available through maps to benefit the entire community because there is a wealth of useful information to explore.”

The City’s online maps are regularly used by residents including local businesses owners. Chris Ponti, who has been a residential appraiser in Kamloops for over 18 years, has been using CityMap in his job since it launched in 2015. It gives him the ability to understand a great deal about a property and its comparables before ever leaving the office.

“The layering system on the map is fabulous,” said Ponti. “One of the main reasons we use CityMap is to access zoning information. Each property report links directly to its respective section of the Zoning Bylaw so we can quickly learn a lot, for example whether or not it is zoned for a potential legal suite.”

Ray Visser, a local landscape architect, uses CityMap to evaluate the history of a site and to obtain information about utility services, existing easements, and slopes that might be on the property in order to develop a preliminary landscape design.

“We’ve been depending on CityMap for so long now, I couldn’t imagine not having it,” said Visser. “Our processes would certainly be a lot slower if it didn’t exist.”

Along with the CityMap upgrade, the City is launching a new vegetation map, which will help City staff, contractors, and property owners identify whether a tree is located on City or private property.

If you haven’t explored CityMap, check it out here. Or download the MyKamloops app to your mobile device and see how maps have been integrated to allow you to easily flag issues like potholes and graffiti for City staff to fix.

The City has been recognized for excellence in GIS. Our GIS team strives to continually improve its services and welcomes feedback on how to make information even more useful for the community. To provide feedback, please contact or call 250-828-3347.